95% Tourists Would Revisit Zim : Despite Roadblocks & ZIMRA Issues

As the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development Is Officially Launched

95 % Tourists Would Revisit Zim : Despite Roadblocks & ZIMRA Issues
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A survey by the Ministry of Tourism has shown that 95% of the tourist visitors would prefer to come back to Zimbabwe after visiting according to the Minister in charge, Honourable Walter Mzembi.

Mzembi said this during the launch of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development at the HICC in Harare today.

“Out of the 38,000 sample survey of the visitors, 32,000 of them which is 95% would like to come back” Mzembi said.

The Tourism Minister said that this was a positive indicator for the tourism sector in Zimbabwe.

Those who said they were not coming back to the country cited the over priced services of the Tourism Sector, harassment by the Immigration and Zimbabwe Revenue Authorities.
Some of the tourists complained of poor infrastructure, poor quality services as well as the often bemoaned Police Road Blocks along the Zimbabwean highways.

The Vice President, His Excellency  Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was the guest speaker during the event said that he was aware of the issue of road blocks in Zimbabwe.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism have to sit down and discuss” said Mnangagwa referring to the issue of road blocks.

Last week, local paper – The Standard reported that foreign haulage truck operators were working towards isolating Zimbabwe due to too many roadblocks. Just this week a viral image of a questionable Traffic ticket whose reference point was ‘Torn Seats’  left locals both infuriated and annoyed.

In addition, the Vice President also urged Zimbabweans to make sure that they keep their environment clean. Mnangagwa who is currently the acting president said that environment was beyond common area and ventured in the homes. This comes at a time where urban areas such as Harare are suffering from massive waste management problems.

The launch which was hosted under the theme travel, enjoy and respect was open to the public and enjoyed a wide turnout.


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