Chipo Mtasa Dishes Out Nuggets of Wisdom

TelOne‘s Managing Director, Chipo Mtasa was a guest speaker at the Junior Chambers International (JCI)’s Nuggets of Wisdom Series Program yesterday in Harare  and she gave a presentation on leadership. The following are four points on leadership that she gave during the presentation.

  1. Leadership is a journey.

According to Mtasa, leadership is a journey, you start small and then grow and you never stop growing. Once you stop growing then it is your downfall as a leader. Many companies and people fall down the moment they think they have achieved and stop working to grow.

  1. In leadership one has to have a value system.

For one to become a successful leader, he or she has to have value system. According to Mtasa, Zimbabwe is corrupt because its people lack values. Mtasa said that her value system is intergrit, passion, hardwork, persistence and transparency.  The Telone Managing Director also said that most of the people have got values in their countries but they never follow them.

“…that value system should never be questioned. Zimbabwe is a Christian country but never having values. There is never a correct and right value but you have to live for it. I think Zimbabwe needs to be transparent a little bit… transparency has to go hand in hand with intergrity,” Mtasa said.

  1. Purpose Driven Life

You need to have a purpose in life. Life is not about yourself but it also include other people who need your help. A leader should be able to help the community not only being self centred.

“You are not brought on this world not for yourself…”

  1. Never Stop Learning

A leader should never stop learning. Continue learning and learning and learning new things. Read books and anything that adds value to your life. Countries that are developing in the world are those that keep on learning new things. China is such a country that is known for sending many of its people out of the country for educational purposes. The country is growing at a very fast pace and has now the second largest economy after the United States of America.

According to the TelOne website, Chipo Mtasa is a business woman and a chartered accountant who has worked with the Rainbow Towers Group as First Director for the Sheraton Harare Hotel, then Group Finance Director before becoming the Chief Executive.

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