Green Energy: Solar Powered Pumps, A New Solution for Zimbabwe

Image Credit: Lorentz

With around 60% of Zimbabweans having no access to electricity and many crops not making it whenever drought hits the country, there is need to counter such problems using the solar energy system.

In such scenario, a German company, Lorentz, through Samansco its sole distributor, has been installing solar powered pumps in the country using a system that can be monitored using Bluetooth and other interacting technologies.

“The system can work even under the harshest conditions. It can also work under minimum sunlight “ said Kai Reinecke, Lorentz’s channel manager during the Energy Efficient Water¬† breakfast meeting that took place in Harare.

According to Naeem Karbelkar, Samansco,s Managing Director the solar powered pump gives efficient management of energy as electricity from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority is directed to other important things in the country.

Zimbabwe is not producing sufficient electricity in the country and it is importing electricity from neighbouring countries such as South Africa.

Wheat farmers in the past years have been complaining about load shedding which was negatively affecting their crop production and the use of solar systems can supplement electricity from ZESA.

According to Reinecke, the solar pump can operate off-grid in remote areas making it more suitable for Zimbabwe where more than half of the population lives in the rural areas.

LORENTZ is a German company and the global market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions. The pump has been used in Nyanga and Chimanimani under World Vision, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) supplying more than a thousand people with water.

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development, which has the vision to achieve universal access to sustainable and modern energy by 2030 has been calling for a partnership with investors and the business world.


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