E- Government To Provide 100 More Services In Zimbabwe

Image Credit: Vietnam Investment Review

A senior official in the Office of the President and Cabinet Stuart Comberbach has revealed that the E-Government, an online service should provide a 100 services by the end of this month(August).

The E-Government, which is meant to improve efficiency will also benefit health facilities such as Chitungwiza Hospital.

“By the end of this month it should provide 100 services,” said Comberbach. “In launching the E-Government program in 2011, His Excellency the president noted that it was designed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountants in the government.”

Government is implementing the e-Government program as part of the public sector reforms in order to re-engineer, reinvigorate and modernize the public sector systems and processes to improve service delivery (speed, access, efficiency, effectiveness and affordability of services) to the people using Information Communication Technologies according to the Government’s website.

Through Zim Connect, the government offers the public a platform to register various programs. The online service has given Zimbabweans a platform to register their companies online.

“The implementation of the e-Government program also brings convenience to the people as these are anytime and anywhere services,” states the government website.

The E-Government is also going to offer a one investment shop for those who would like to invest in the country. Many ministries have been appearing online through websites and social media accounts with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) having an application that helps interaction with the public. E- Government is not unique to Zimbabwe as the United Kingdom tops on the E-Government Development index according to the United Nations website.


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