ZIMRA Confident of Surpassing 2017 Annual Target

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority ( ZIMRA) has said that is it confident of surpassing the 2017 annual target after exceeding the August net collection target by 15 per cent.

The Revenue Authority’s net collection for the just ended month increased by a phenomenal 20.59 percent from the US$256.01 million that was collected during the same period last year.

“All major revenue heads – except for Individual Tax which slightly missed the target by 1.08 percent – surpassed the set targets for the month.” said ZIMRA.

“Individual Tax, however, grew by 23.47 percent from August 2016 collections of US$51.17 million.”

The Revenue Authority accredited the performance to automation initiatives and anti-corruption measures.

“The sterling performance is mainly a result of automation initiatives, anti-corruption measures, skills realignment, improved staff supervision as well as risk-based audits that are being carried out by the Authority,” states ZIMRA.

“In addition, ZIMRA is continuously following up on tax debts and negotiating with taxpayers for payment plans, as well as closely monitoring adherence to the agreed payment terms”.

The development comes after  ZIMRA witnessed Gershem Pasi, who was on suspension due to charges of corruption costing US$10 million resigning in May this year.

ZIMRA missed its modest revenue collection target by US$145 million signifying a distressed economy according to the Zimbabwe Independence, a local paper.

The revenue authority this year seems to be performing well as it surpassed its revenue target by 8,5%, collecting $1,789 billion for the first half of the year from a target of US$1,656 billion.

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