Chinamasa Defends Government For Donating Vehicles to Chiefs

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Hon Patrick Chinamasa defended the government’s act of giving vehicles to chiefs stating that it was a promise done some years ago. The Minister was answering a question on during a meeting in Harare.

Chinamasa said that the move was about keeping relations with the chiefs who traditionally lead Zimbabwe’s rural areas.

“We decided on this issue as far back as 2016 and we gave a promise… it’s about keeping relations,” said Chinamasa.

The government handed over 52 vehicles to the government during a meeting in Gweru according to state media reports.

The move to hand over vehicles to chiefs has been widely criticized by Zimbabwean social media users who said that the government should have used the money for other developmental projects.

Some social media users were saying that move was a campaigning slot as Zimbabwe heads for elections this year. Chinamasa advised against using the social media for getting information as it sometimes misinforms the public.

The government has been blaming the social media for causing “alarm and despondency” meant to “harm peace-loving Zimbabweans” and has moved on to include a cybersecurity sector meant for threats on the internet.

Zimbabwe’s new government has been working on the re-engagement process with the international community in a bid to resuscitate the economy. Chinamasa also said that the country needed more time to recover from the economic challenges it is facing.

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