President Mnangagwa Launches the National ICT Policy

Six applicants receive innovations funds

President Mnangagwa Launches the National ICT Policy
Image Credit: Bulawayo 24

President Emerson Mnangagwa has officially opened the National Information Communication Technology (ICT) Policy and the Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Drive in Harare today.

The launch of the policy, that is meant to address the digital divide in Zimbabwe and bring internet inclusion to the marginalised people of the country, was also attended by the Minister of ICT and Cyber Security Supa Collins Mandiwanzira, Minister of Harare State Mirriam Chukukwa and stakeholders in the ICT sector.

“The launch of this policy will open doors for business not only for international but the Zimbabwean business,” the President said.

The ICT developments are expected to help in education and also the government interact with the citizens through e-government. The official launch witnessed six applicants who were selected as with sustainable and relevant business plans receiving funding for innovation. The applicants were among the 188 applicants who applied for the innovations funds.

Mandiwanzira said that those who did not get their applicants accepted have the time to correct and reapply and also there is room for those who would like to apply. Zimbabwe, which has a smartphone penetration of 95 percent has witnessed challenges of data charges which is rated among the ten most expensive worldwide.

Mandiwanzira, who spoke during the launch also said that he had time to discuss with Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder and concluded that there was nothing different between Zimbabwean students and those of Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India.

The ICT Minister praised the President Mnangagwa’s stance on technology and also the country’s history but said that young people were now looking forward.

“Young children of today are not looking at yesterday but (are concerned about ) today and tomorrow” said Mandiwanzira.

Zimbabwe’s Government is known for encouraging the youths to know the history of the much-celebrated independence.

The President encouraged the transport sector to use ICTs to reduce road congestion, which is blamed for spending productive time for Zimbabwean workforce.

Zimbabwe’s leader also said that the policy has stabilizers to make it relevant for even ten years in an era where technologies and innovations are rapidly moving and changing lives of people.

“The policy has stabilizers to make it relevant for even 10 years,” His Excellency noted.


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