Soccer Legends Match Day Out

Soccer Legends Match Day Out

A match between Zimbabwean and the world class soccer legends organised by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and World Class Legends has been slated for the 16th of June this year

ZTA Chief Executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke told the journalists during a press conference that the match is not done for football fans but to market Zimbabwe.

“We thought from a tourism point of view, we needed to use the world class legends… to market not only the destination for tourism, the destination Zimbabwe,” Kaseke said.

“The destination Zimbabwe we are not only looking at it from a tourism point of view, we are looking at destination Zimbabwe from a trade point of view.”

ZTA boss also told journalists that the socer legends shall be acting as go between messangers to market Zimbabwe.

Kaseke said that if the mantra Zimbabwe is open for business is said by Zimbabweans some will not believe what will be said.

“Yes we are trying to do our level best and we are doing our level best but when said by someone who is not you its more understood by being said by you.” Kaseke said.

Zimbabwe’s government has been going around the world looking for investors to invest in the country and create employment.

Kaseke said the list of players to participate in the match shall be released as time goes on.

An anonymous investor from South Africa was yet to fund the match that is to be broadcasted by international sport televisions.

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