Local Governance Minister Speaks of a New City Project

Local Governance Minister Speaks of a New City Project

Local Governance, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo, who was giving official opening remarks at the official opening of the 2018 ZimbabweReal Property and Infrastructure Forum in Harare today has spoken on the development concerning the new city construction.

Moyo said that the Government has approved a New City Concept design which was developed by the Ministry of Local Governance

“The New City will be North of Harare covering over 18 000 hectares of institutional, residential, commercial and high technology incubators that will also compliment research institutions of the Defence University and UZ,” said Moyo.

The Property and Infrastructure Forum this year goes with the theme “A New Dawn: Driving Economic
Growth Through Real Estate Investment.”

The Local Governence Minister went on to tell delegates at the forum about the launch of the Command Housing programme which was started by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

“This programme is very ambitious as it entails the whole built up environment including commercial, industrial and residential,” Moyo said.

“It (Command Housing) will leverage the financial muscles of Financial Banks, Pension Funds and Development Institutions.”

Command Housing is among many other command projects falling under the command economy which include agriculture and fishery.

The forum was organised by the African Property Investment (API) United Kingdom (UK) based private advisory organisation supporting private sector property development and investment across Sub-Saharan African.

“Allow me to also thank API Events and their local supporters for organising this critically important conference,” Moyo said. “We cannot take for granted the amount of work it takes to organise an event of this magnitude and significance.”

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