Zambia Investigates Mazoe Products

Zambia Investigates Mazoe Products

Zambian authorities are investigating Mazoe drinks in the belief the some of the products are contaminated.

Health Ministry in Zambia says in a circular it is in reception of an urgent notification from the nation’s Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry on the influx of Mazoe into the country.

“It is suspected that the drink is not fit for human consumption and does not meet the National standards for food and safety” Permanent Secretary in Zambia’s Health Ministry Jabbin Mulwanda says.

“In order to strengthen food safety and protection of human health, the Ministry is requesting that Environmental Health Officers in your Provinces undertake random sampling and testing for all Mazoe drinks on the market to ascertain compliance to standards as stipulated in the food and Drugs Act Cap 303 of the Laws of Zambia.”

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) in a press release says it is also carrying out its routine market surveillances and testing of a Mazoe drink believed to be contaminated for the safety of the consumers.

“The background is that a known Zambian company was locally producing Mazoe and other products in Zambia. We are aware that this company may no longer be in production and as such the majority of the product currently on market shelves is imported,” ZCSA says.

“We have not identified any contaminated samples from what has entered the borders so far. But ZCSA is aware that the product does find its way through small consignments brought in by small scale entrepreneurs and cross border traders”

“We are therefore carrying out market surveillances and will report on the samples tested against our standard for fruit flavored drinks once we have results,” ZCSA.

Mazoe Orange crush is a Zimbabwean popular drink that is being produced by Schweppes  Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe produced drink is being favoured by customers in neibhoring countries according to market researches by Trade Zimbabwe.

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