Zimbabwe Youths Groups Speak on Post-Election Violence

Zimbabwe Youths Groups Speak After Post-Election Violence
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Youths Associations in development have, today at a press conference, spoken of the need to unite after a protest that led to three people dying in Harare last week. 

Asked on the impact of violence on youths in business, Young Miners Foundation for Youths in Mining Chairperson Primrose Miga said such behavior paints a bad picture on young people.

“I think for the youths, it paints a bad picture on our side because it makes us immature as if we are not ready to take a stand as a nation,” Miga said.

“It is also with sadness that we came hear together to speak as one voice at the loss of lives that happened a few days ago and we pray that this is something that will never happen again.”

Destiny for Women Empowerment, Primrose Zvidzai who also spoke during the press conference encouraged the youths and women to work together in empowering one another.

“We condone violence which was encountered soon after elections involving the youths,” Zvidzai said.

“As the young people we are supposed to help cultivate the nation and not participate in any unlawful activities”

Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections have been marked by investors as a proof that the country is implementing investor-friendly reforms which include a peaceful and non-violent environment.

Zimbabwe Youth Council Assistant Director-Youth Programming, Tanzwikwa Guranungo, who organised the press conference also took opportunity to encourage stakeholders in the environment and health sectors to take part in a cleanup campaign that is going to be held on the International Youth Day.

“On 12 August we will commemorate International Youth Day, Zimbabwe Youth Council and those into youth development will launch a massive cleanup campaign in Harare before we cascade to provinces and districts.”

“As ZYC through affiliate youth associations, we are going to adopt to a street or road in each provincial capital cities which we are going to clean each time we do youth related commemorations and we hope to have our cities clean and free from violence.”

The theme of this year’s International Youth Day is “Safe Space for Youths” according to the United Nations.

In a interview with Bhizimusi, Miga also said that she wants all youths to come together.

“We want to stand as one nation, one people, as we speak with one voice, one flag and we are one Zimbabwe.”


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