Zimbabwe Customer Satisfaction Declines

Zimbabwe Customer Satisfaction Declines
Image Credit: Financial Tribune

Zimbabwe’s 2018 customer satisfaction index rankings declined by 11,8 percentage points to 63,7 % according to the latest National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) carried out by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM) in collaboration with Select Research (Pvt) Limited.

NCSI, which is a national indicator on how companies are performing in terms of customer satisfaction at sectorial level , indicated a ranking of 75,5 % for Zimbabwe last year according to information by CICM.

“The top performing sector, according to the 2018 NCSI, was food outlet sector with a ranking of 68,8 %, which was above the average ranking,” CICM says.

“The courier services sector came in second at 67,6 %, just below the average ranking, followed by the hospitality and the the long-term insurance sectors at 67,3% and 65,7%, respectively. The energy sector round off the top 5 sectors with a ranking of 65.5 %.”

NCSI also adds, to make up the top ten, the medical aid, short-term insurance, internet service providers, the retail and the funeral service sectors.

“The retail sector came in the sixth position with a ranking of 65,2 percent, followed by the internet service provider sector with a ranking of 65,1 percent,” CICM says.

“The short-term insurance and medical aid sectors came in eighth and ninth positions, with rankings 64,8 percent and 64,3 percent respectively.”

“The funeral policy sector closed off the top 10 performing sectors in terms of customer satisfaction with a ranking of 64,3 percent,” CICM goes on.

CICM chief executive Dr Ricky Harris said local firms can use the NCSI as a tool to optimise customer satisfaction, which in turn drives customer loyalty abd thereby corporate profitability.

“It’s also critical for foreign investors who need to i=understand the relationship between a company’s current condition and its future capacity to produce wealth,” CICM quotes Harris.


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