Vaya Application Adds Ambulance Service

Vaya Application Adds Ambulance Service

Cassava Smartech added an ambulance service to its ride-hailing application, Vaya Application which is called the Vaya Ambulance.

Speaking during the launch of the Vaya Ambulance, Cassava On Demand Services Dorothy Zimuto said Vaya ambulance is an online platform where the application software company have brought all the ambulances (resources) in Zimbabwe together.

 “The opportunity for us as on-demand services was to pull all those resources together making sure that we amplify the few resources which we have got…” Zimuto said.

Cassava Smartech is a diversified smartech group which created Vaya Rider App for rides and package delivery.

The Cassava CEO users of the Vaya Ambulance can track the movement of their allocated patient transport to and from the hospital.

The Vaya users also have an opportunity to access the closest ambulance to their location reducing the patient vehicle response time.

“It (Yaya Ambulance) reduces the response time when you call an ambulance because its all on the click,” Zimuto said.

The Cassava CEO also said 50 per cent of the sick transport services in Zimbabwe are now connected to the Vaya Ambulance.

Vaya Ambulance is launched after patient vehicles faced challenges due to fuel shortages that have been recurring in Zimbabwe.

“In this country, we have got very limited resources in terms of ambulances,” said Zimuto ” and most of them are possibly in private hands, a few are with the city councils, a few are with the district hospitals, and a few might be here and there maybe owned by mines.”

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