Switzerland Offers $2 Million Towards Cyclone Idai

Switzerland Offers $2 Million Towards Cyclone Idai

Switzerland, through the Swiss Humanitarian Aid, has released US$2 million to help Cyclone Idai victims in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

In a press release, the European country’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Malawi, Niculin Jaeger said in the aftermath of the cyclone, Switzerland has come to terms with the scope and complexity of the challenges facing the governments and people of the affected countries.

“Moving forward, Switzerland has made available funding totalling US$2 million and a team of technical experts to the most affected areas,” Jaeger said.

“The team consists mainly of water experts and logisticians from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit and will reinforce the team of experts who have been working in Mozambique since 18 March.”

The funding will be used to restore safe drinking water and provide Swiss experts to UN agencies in the three affected countries according to the press release.

Out of the aid package, US$ 1 million will be used for Swiss Humanitarian Aid’s actions and the other half will be disbursed to various UN agencies responding to the effects of the disaster.

“Switzerland will continue to work with UN partners such as the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, World Food Programme, UNICEF and the International Organisation for Migration to address the immediate and life-saving needs of the most affected communities, particularly relating to the provision of badly needed shelter assistance and provision of clean water,” Jaeger said.

“Furthermore, the Swiss Red Cross and organisations such as Solidar Suisse are working in close cooperation with the authorities on the ground and have started fundraising for the disaster.”

Cyclone Idai has left over 670 people dead, thousands displaced and property destroyed in at least three Southern African countries.

The media has been reporting of the death of over 450 people in Mozambique, over 180 in Zimbabwe and 59 in Malawi.

Twelve tonnes of relief goods, consisting of mainly materials and tools for building shelter have already been shipped to the Cyclone Idai affected areas with the first team that responded to the disaster according to the Embassy of Switzerland in Zimbabwe.

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