Zimbabwe Rugby President Under Fire for Misuse of Public Funds

Zimbabwe Rugby President Under Fire for Misuse of Public Funds

A letter addressed to the CID Headquarters has appeared for the investigation of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union president, Aaron Jani to go under investigations for misuse of public funds.

Jani allegedly sold 2019 World Cup tickets on the black market as well as used funds meant for rugby in illicit deals according to a letter signed by Head of Anti-Corruption Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

“The allegations are that Mr Jani received US$20 000 from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which funds were meant to be disbursed to Rugby players in the Zimbabwe Rugby Squad. It is alleged that Mr A Jani failed to disburse these funds to the intended beneficiaries but instead used the money for illicit purposes,” reads the letter.

“It is further alleged that the Zimbabwe Rugby Union may be involved in the dealings involving complimentary 2019 World Cup tickets on the parallel foreign currency market.”

Zimbabwe Rugby has in the past been allegedly accused of abusing money which was meant for a kit to be used by the National Schools Rugby team last month.

The organisation has also been having challenges in paying players.

“I hereby refer Mr Maguranyanga to your office to enable you to investigate the allegations he has levelled against Mr Jani and others,” Mpofu says.

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