Eskom Denies Receiving Money From Zimbabwe Government

Eskom Denies Receiving Money From Zimbabwe Government

South African power company, Eskom in a media statement, has today said it has not received payment from Zimbabwe.

The statement follows reports by sections of the media that  Zimabwe’s government paid US$10 million to Eskom and paid off $20 million to ZESA Holdings to clear its debt.

Media reports quote Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa addressing the power challenges in the country.

“Cabinet was advised by the Minister of Energy and Power Development that Treasury has now fully paid off Government’s debt obligation to Zesa, which was around RTGS$20 million,” Mutsvangwa is quoted.

“A further RTGS$20 million is due to be advanced to Zesa by Treasury, in order to boost power generation by the utility. This, together with the payment of US$10 million to Eskom, should help alleviate the current power supply situation.”

Zimbabwe is facing power shortages which have resulted in 17 to 18 hours of load shedding as Kariba hydro power plant reduces the amount of energy produced due to low water allocation to drive turbines in a process to produce electricity.

The government hopes to import more electricity from its neighbouring South Africa after clearing the debt owed to Eskom.

“Eskom would like to state that no funds have been reflected on its accounts for Zimbabwe’s outstanding debt as at 28 June at 15h00.,” the South African power utility says.

Escom Group Chief Executive Phakamani Hadebe added to this and said, ” Once Eskom has received the funds, we will then enter into further discussions with ZESA.”

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