Presidential Chief Secretary Castigates Ministries Over Service Delivery

Presidential Chief Secretary Castigates Ministries Over Service Delivery

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda, responding to the complaints from the business sector, castigated Government Ministries following issues of delays and the slow process in issuing requisites permits for trade.

Representatives from the business world, in their presentations, raised concern on the issuance of permits which they blame on the delays or cancellation of orders by suppliers and customers.

Poultry producer¬† Irvine’s Zimbabwe (PVT) LTD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Irvines revealed who an order worth $50 thousand dollars was lost during a delivery out of the country, during the launch of the 2020-2021 Doing Business Reform Programme in Harare today.

Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe representative at the launch laid blame on policy inconsistency on the payment of services in foreign currency. The representative gave an example of Statutory Instrument (SI) 142 of 2019 which disqualifies payment of services in foreign currency against SI 133 of 2017 which lays payment of duty in United Stated Dollars. Such clashes normally delay processes at border posts as government agencies clash with traders on the payment of duties.

The Chief Secretary says such delays by government agencies are contrary to the spirit and intent of improving the business environment.

He reminded Ministries that government reforms in the ease of doing business are strategic in nature for economic revival and development for Zimbabwe in the competitive global economy.

“The attitude by some Government Ministries in lacking urgency to resolve outstanding bottlenecks is regrettable to say the least,” Sibanda said.

“Acting lackadaisically when dealing with economic reforms of national interest is a complete departure from the agreed Government investment drive. This, I must say, is totally unacceptable under the New Dispensation,” Sibanda went on.

The Top Government official also told the Ministries to be collective in solving challenges faced by the business sector.

“Colleagues, challenges being faced by the local business community, and indeed, which equally affect foreign investors require our undivided attention,” Sibanda said.

“I challenge Heads of Ministries as technocrats who constitute Government’s Top Leadership, to take both collective and individual responsibility for the failures of Government.”

“It is indeed individual Heads of Ministries’ responsibility to provide solutions to the challenges within your area of jurisdiction that stand in the way of business and, consequently, chasing away the much-needed foreign and domestic capital,” he went on.

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