Bulawayo To Host The Annual Science Festival

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Primary and Secondary Schools Minister Professor Paul Mavhima yesterday invited residents to the second edition of the Annual Science, Sport and Arts Festivals (ASSAF) from the 16th to the 20th of September 2019 in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province.

The festival shall be held under the theme “Nurturing talent through the competence based curriculum”.

“The science, Sport and Arts Festivals are meant to showcase and develop the enormous reservoir of talents and gifts that our learners are endowed with, which in reality is the bedrock to the sustainable socio-economic development of the nation,” Mavhima said.

“The Official Opening and Closing Cermony is set for the 19th of September at the White City Stadium where the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe will be the Guest of Honour. The Ministry invites the entire Bulawayo Community to take advantage of their being the hosts to get to White City Stadium, Ikwenzi Training Centre and Sizani High School to witness the amazing learner expertise, prowess, skills, knowledge and unique flair in a variety of disciplines.”

The Education Minister also said ASSAF is a critical component of the competence based curriculum which is being implemented in all its learning institutions across the country.

“As the nation is aware, the Government of Zimbabwe, through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, is is implementing the fit-for-purpose competence-based Curriculum that seeks to develop the talents of all learners to the maximum extent possible,” Mavhima said.

“As a way of monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the Curriculum in equiping learners with the necessary skills, knowledge, competences, values and appropriate attitudes, the Ministry developed a critical component of the competence-based Curriculum, the Annual Science, Sport and Arts Festivals (ASSAF).”

Learners will compete in disciplines that include  technical graphics, wood technologyy and design, drawing, karate, educational gymnastics, marimba, brass and electric band, ICT and Olympiads.

ASSAF festivals are implemented from the School level, through to the Cluster level, then district, province and national levels.

“Catching our children young will ensure that Zimbabwe will have cadres who will be very competitive on the international arena,” Mavhima said.

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