Zimbabwe Government Responds to Citizen’s “Abductions”

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Ministry of Health and Child Care has responded to the disappearance of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association president Dr. Peter Mugombeyi on Saturday around ten in the evening.

Health Minister, Obadiah Moyo, in press statement says he is alarmed by the disappearance, which some believe as an abduction after other abductions on trade unionists.

“As the Ministry responsible, my Ministry is concerned about the welfare, safety and wellbeing of all its cadres,” Moyo said.

“I have therefore personally engaged the State Security agencies who have undertaken to deploy resources to look for Dr. Magombeyi and they are seized with this matter with no stone left unturned.”

Information And Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana on his Twitter account seems to imply a third force behind the abductions that have victimised artists also.

“This Administration has no reason to destabilise this country by abducting its citizens,” Mangwana says.

“Threats to the security of persons and acts of terror are ultimately threats to the security of the State.”

“There is no rhyme nor reason for the State to undermine itself #3rdForce,” Mangwana went on.

Following a court hearing by the missing Dr’s sister Elizabeth Magombeyi, High Court Justice Elizabeth Magombeyi, ordered whoever is holding the health practioner to immediately release him or bring him to High Court within 48 hours.

Home Affairs and State Security Ministers were ordered to determine his whereabouts and set up a team of investigators to search for him at all places in Zimbabwe.

The judge also ordered the team of investigators to furnish human rights lawyers Alec Muchadehama, Tinomuda Shoko and Paidamoyo Saurombe from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights representing the Magombeyi family with a report of the progress of their probe.

Ministers of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Cain Mathema and State Security in the the President’s Office Owen Ncube were also ordered to advertise details about the missing Dr on all State-run print and broadcasting media to determine Magombeyi’s whereabouts.

Doctors demonstrated against the disappearance of their collegue in the streets of Harare yesterday.

The medical practitioners also said they were not going to work until Magombeyi’s whereabouts are released.

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