Mudenda Launches the Ninth Parliament of Zimbabwe Institutional Strategic Plan

Mudenda Launches the Ninth Parliament of Zimbabwe Institutional Strategic Plan

Speaker of National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda has launched the Zimbabwe Institutional Strategic Plan (2018-2023) at Parliament building in Harare today. The strategic plan launch coincided with the Official Handover Cremony of the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ)ISO9001:2015 Registration Certificate.

The speaker said the Strategic Plan will be an empty proposition if it does not sustain Parliament as a strong institution that is well resourced and always riding on the tenets of legality, rule of law, democratic governance and total adherence to constitutionalism.

“Furthermore, our Strategic Plan must be able to solidify our Parliament as an independent institution, the second Arm of the State with distinctive autonomy that is not blind to co-ordinate relationship wiht the Executive and the Judiciary but acting continually as guided by the promptings of the Constition,” Mudenda said.

“Additionally, the Strategic Plan must be the compass of a People-Driven Parliament whose spiritual soul is the heartbeat of servant service delivery to the people of Zimbabwe.”

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Deputy Representative Madelene Monoja giving remarks during the launch said the institutional Strategic Plan is an important basis upon which development partners can tailor their support in line with the needs identified by Parliament.

“UNDP in collaboration with development partners including sister UN agencies looks forward to continuing our support to the parliament,” Monoja said.

“Indeed, the draft Parliamentary Support Programme for the next three years, developed by the EU is fully aligned to the technical teams from UNDP, Parliament and the EU is fully aligned to the new Institutitional Strategic Plan for Parliament vision of a strong, independent, people driven, world class Parliament, the Transitional Stabilisation Plan, Vision 2020 and the SDGs.”

‘We believe such an approach, in which our development support is anchored on key international and national ownership, and it is bound to yield transformative development results in an institutionalised and sustainable manner,” Monoja went on.

The speaker said such an occasion of the launch gives confidence that the Ninth Parliament unmistakably is firmily set on a pointed trajectory ensconced on the parliament’s vision which must always gain traction with the public.

“We owe it to the public as the authentic and primary anchor of our institutional architecture. Without the people there is no Parliament, ISO Certification nor a strategic Plan to surmise,” Mudenda said.

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