Zimbabwe Postpones A Regional Meeting As Coronavirus Hits South Africa

Zimbabwe Postpones A Regional Meeting As Coronavirus Hits South Africa

A regional meeting on stock markets in Southern Africa that was scheduled for Zimbabwe has been postponed with coronavirus cases increasing in South Africa.

Three coronavirus cases have been confirmed in South Africa at the moment, raising fears that more could have been affected by the highly contagious disease that has killed over 3800 people worldwide.

Announcing postponement Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (ZSE), Chief Executive Officer, Justin Bgoni said, “The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (“ZSE”) wishes to advise stakeholders on the postponement of the 57th Committee of SADC Stock
Exchange (CoSSE) meeting and 2nd Broker’s Networking Session that was scheduled from 11 to 13 March 2020.”

“Due to the CoronaVirus (Covid 19) Outbreak, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat has temporarily suspended all SADC events, therefore, the CoSSE Secretariat together with the ZSE decided to postpone the CoSSE meeting and Broker’s Networking Session to a later date.”

Although Zimbabwe postponed CoSSE meeting, an annual trade fair that lures thousands of visitors from within the country and world over has been deemed to go on according to local media.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) will continue but bar exhibitors from the coronavirus infected countries in participating.

ZITF Company acting general manager Mr Nicholas Ndebele, in a local newspaper said “The coronavirus infection will not affect ZITF as no countries affected by the virus will be partaking at the event. We are not taking the virus lightly.”

“We have placed possible measures to ensure that the event will be safe as we have engaged the Ministry of Health and Child Care as well as Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) to assist us in implementing safety precautions. They will be giving us updates on the virus and they will also ensure that every delegation that comes is screened and is safe,”

The effects of coronavirus can be witnessed on small businesses thatg import tech and clothing China.

Businesses are struggling to get supplies as China that supplies with cheap products remain a risky zone to travel into.

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