Zimbabwe President Applauds University Developers Producing Equipment Towards COVID-19

Government Department Finalises Tertiary Fees Structure

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday applauded university and technical colleges researchers, inventors and developers who are working on various materials needed by health facilities in fighting against COVID-19.

Universities have been producing face masks and sanitisers with international demand for such going up as the pandemic affects over a million people.

“This pandemic has indeed triggered flashes of unprecedented national creativity and inventiveness,” the Zimbabwean leader said.

“Our high literacy levels must now be turned to tangible practical research, developments and inventions. Institutions of higher learning will have the full support of my government.’

Besides university researchers, the President also paid tribute to the business society for supporting initiatives meant to strengthen overall national response COVID-19.

“Our health delivery system must scale to new heights, buttressed by supporting industries,” he said.

“This must be a turning point which will see our country emerge from this misfortune, secure and self-sufficient through import substitution with new industries in the medical sector and associate exports.”

“To this end, Government is ready to support and facilitate the establishment of a medical, industrial/technological complex.”

COVID-19 currently has affected nine people in Zimbabwe including one death.

The pandemic that was first discovered in China has claimed the lives of over 50 thousand people worldwide.

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