MP Chips In As Government Fails To Produce Needed Aid In Time

MP Chips In As Government Fails To Produce Needed Aid In Time

Hatfield Member of Parliament (MP) Tapiwa Mashakada yesterday chipped in to rescue the struggling old aged by sourcing partners to provide the vulnerable with mealie meal.

The development comes at a time when the government is yet to honour the promise of providing struggling citizens with financial assistance.

Mashakada took the Uebert Angel Foundation to the Hatfield during the Mother’s Day and leftover 2 hundred 10kg bags of mealie meal at Jairos Jiri Association, Waterfalls Children Centre before embarking to nine other stops within the constituency.

The Uebert Angel Foundation donations were targeted at the disabled, the aged and also the retired members of the community.

Government has in the past promised to disburse ZWL $600 million for the vulnerable in Zimbabwe’s urban areas in the country.

Recently Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister, Professor Paul Mavhima agreed that the government had not yet disbursed anything for the struggling urban citizens in the country against earlier indications that a total of ZW$3 870 089.25 had been disbursed to 21 431 urban Food Mitigatory beneficiary households in Bulawayo and Harare to mitigation measures in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

An ongoing lockdown enforced by the government has resulted in a loss of income, with economic activities coming into a halt.

Urban dwellers risk suffering from hunger and starvation during the current lockdown with many who are employed in the informal sector living from hand to mouth.

Mashakada promised the Hatfield residents, comprising of around 32 thousand people that the second phase of donations is also on its way without revealing the actual date and time.

The Uebert Angel Foundation has donated a million US towards assisting Zimbabweans during the current lockdown.

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