31 July Demonstration To Go On As Planned Despite A Spike In COVID-19 Cases: Ngarivhume

31 July Demonstration To Go On As Planned Despite A Spike In COVID-19: Ngarivhume

A demonstration against corruption slated for 31 July 2020, will go on as planned despite an increase in the recorded COVID-19 cases; Transform Zimbabwe party president Jacob Ngarivhume has revealed today.

The organiser of the demonstration said corruption is also a pandemic that is dragging down efforts against COVID-19 in Zimbabwe hence the need for mass action in the outbreak of a contagious disease.

Ngarivhume also said that 10 thousand masks had been pledged towards the demonstration and encouraged participants to bring to the mass actions extra masks in case some don’t come out wearing the mandatory requirement.

Transform Zimbabwe leader also promised that water will be availed for people to wash hands during the mass action.

The leader of the 31 July mass action said corruption had become an endemic across all sectors including political, private, religious and civil sector.

Besides corruption, Ngarivhume’s demonstration will also be aimed at paying civil servants salaries either in or pegged to the United States Dollar with inflation still high in Zimbabwe.

“We demand all complicated in looting scandals to be expeditiously prosecuted, removed from office and to pay back the resources they looted on top of a punitive sentence,” he said.

“Bad leadership underpinned by lack of a shared national vision, misgovernance, misplaced priorities and greed has turned the country to a basket case. Bad leadership has permeated across all the institutional crevices of the country; from church to industry right through to the highest office of the land.”

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, last week dissuaded mass actions stating that Zimbabwe is in the midst of an existential threat, COVID-19.

Zimbabwe’s ruling party acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa threatened that ZANU-PF party youths would take action if the demonstration is to go on.

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  • It’s about time to change our Country our biggest desire is that,Army and Police forces to join the children of Zimbabwe and stop protecting the Government, enough of protecting those Vimpires aren’t you tired of getting sucked off your blood.

    Mthozamu July 16, 2020 6:31 pm Reply

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