ZESA Workers Stand with Sydney Gata After Chasi’s Inquiry

ZESA Workers Stand with Chairman Gata After Chasi's Inquiry

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) workers are standing with the parastatal’s Executive chairperson, Sydney Gata. It has been stated that the allegations are being peddled by remnants of the previous administration who were beneficiaries from the corruption that crippled ZESA through staled projects. Energy and Power Development Minister, Fortune Chasi wrote a letter to the ZESA board directing the heads to institute investigations into allegations against Gata following an article in a state-run newspaper. ZESA workers, in a press statement, said the newspaper reports ”that are aimed at dragging Gata in the mud” are coming from some elements that have been suspended from the organization and are trying to divert attention.

“Before the appointment of Dr Gata to the position of Executive Chairman for the fourth time, employees in ZESA had been reduced to destitution as past executives never bothered to care for their welfare as they only ensured that they corruptly continued to selfishly pack their feeding trough with excess loot into their tummies,” the press statement reads.

“We would like to take this opportunity to advise the nation in no uncertain terms as workers, we are solidly in support of Dr Gata and any attempts to subvert his vision of transforming the business of ZESA would not be taken lightly but would attract a national uprising in solidarity with his pro-worker and nation stance.”

Further to this, the Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) wrote a letter addressed to Gata stating that the Executive Board Chairperson’s fight against endemic corruption within the ZESA Group, since assumption of duty, would create both friends and foes.

“We wish to assure you that we support you in the fight against corruption,” ZEWU says.

“Our members, who are ZESA employees, fully support you in that noble cause which has raised their morale to levels never seen before.”

“Electricity supply improved and load shedding is now history, staff welfare is work in progress and grievances are given attention,” the letter reads

Chasi in the letter dated 27 July 2020 expects feedback of the board concerning allegations levelled against Gata within five days.

“In all the deliberations and investigations, the board should ensure that the Executive chairperson is accorded all his legal rights,” Chasi directed.

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