Delta Beverages Promoting At Home Beer Consumption

Engage Stakeholders: Delta Urges Government

Delta Corporations Limited Company Secretary Alex Makamure has revealed the brewer’s on-going efforts to promote at-home beer consumption with bars closed down in the current lockdown.

This comes at a time when Delta’s lager beer volume grew 48% for the third quarter and 20% for the nine months to 31 December 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Makamure said, “The volume recovery is attributed to the competitive pricing and consistent product supply, benefiting from the injection of new returnable glass and fewer disruptions to production operations.”

“With on-premise consumption curtailed, there are ongoing efforts to promote at-home consumption in line with the COVID-19 guidelines.”

Besides lager beer, Delta Beverages’ sorghum beer volume grew 29% for the quarter but still
trailed prior year by 14% for the nine months.

“Sparkling beverages volume grew by 66% for the quarter and is up 42% for the nine months compared to prior year. The category has benefited from consistent product supply and competitive pricing,” Makamure said.

“African Distillers (Afdis) registered volume growth of 37% for the quarter and 25% for the nine months driven by the spirits and ready to drink ciders.”

“The beverages volume at Schweppes Holdings recovered and registered growth of 24% for the quarter but is down 2% for the nine months. The recovery is premised on improved product supply and the relaunch of the Minute Maid range of juice drinks,” went on Makamure.

Delta beverages revenue grew by 77% for the quarter and 33% for the year 2020.

“The Group has benefited from the improved access to foreign currency through domestic Nostro sales,” Makamure said.

“The foreign currency is being prioritised towards settlement of the legacy debts in line with the arrangements with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

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