We Are Past The Worst: Mavima

Zimbabwe Faces Hunger; Partners Chip In

Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima, presenting to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare today, has given hope that Zimbabwe will avert the starvation that was looming before the harvesting period.

A joint report released by the European Union, FAO, OCHA, UNICEF, USAID and WFP last year had anticipated a worsening food insecurity situation with an estimated 4.3 million rural Zimbabweans, including children.

But, Mavima said, “The stocks that we have are going to reach to April where we are expecting good harvests this year.” (sic)

“I am happy to say that we are past the worst when it comes to food insufficient.”

Mavima also revealed that the Social Welfare Ministry last disbursed COVID-19 allowances in September 2020 and the treasury stopped extending money for the allowances.

“We have not received funds for this programme (COVID-19 allowances) in 2021,” Mavima said.

“There is no Treasury authority to extend COVID-19 allowances beyond December 2020.”

The Minister also discussed the selection of those that received allowances and said selected names were selected by unions representing various groups from SMEs to vulnerable people in societies.

Zimbabwe has a programme of distributing over 14 thousand tonnes of maize to more than 7 hundred thousand rural dwellers who are likely to face hunger before harvests.

The country has continued cash transfers for 23 Child Protection Supported Districts in Zimbabwe.

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