Chinamasa Confirms Fake Bond Notes Debacle

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Patrick Chinamasa, has announced that fake bond notes have been printed. In his statement he indicated that this fake notes release was planned to coincide with that of the actual notes. Minister Chinamasa made this revelation at a seminar in Bulawayo where he indicated that the Bond Note Education programs were meant to stifle the conmen who are printing fake bond notes.

This revelation continues to raise wide spread speculations about the new notes considering it assumed that for the counterfeiters to succeed they would need a Specimen of the notes. Alas the official Specimen is yet to be released to the public. There are also rumors of a rift between Minister Chinamasa and Reserve Bank Governor Dr John Mangudya suggesting that the Minister’s announcement was meant to sabotage the Governor’s initiative.

Minister Chinamasa and RBZ Govenor Dr Mangudya
Minister Chinamasa and RBZ Governor Dr Mangudya

Regarding the continual discussions between the RBZ and the public about Bond Notes, Dr Mangudya is set to meet with members of the public at the Reserve Bank to clarify the mounting questions the public have.  This is a positive indicator which suggests that the RBZ is keen on engaging with the public about the notes. The meeting will be held at the RBZ building at 14:30 on Friday the 4th of November.

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