Highlights Of The Econet Expo 2016

Econet Launches New Products At Econet Expo

Econet Wireless hosted the Econet expo at Meikles Hotel’s Rooftop Garden in Harare. The Expo was meant to advertise and reveal Econet’s new products and services. Econet has once again brought a lot of innovation to the Mobile Network game and this was reiterated by the company’s COO Mr Fayaz King who said

“…we are an innovative company…”,

in his address at the launch of the Smart Data Network.

Of note, Econet’s Connected Health initiative catches the eye which is meant to help patients keep track of their health and receive help if need be remotely. Connected Health offers a machine called Cumii which monitors blood pressure and blood sugar. the machine is linked to your doctor or a doctor Econet provides. It immediately sends the readings to the doctor if one’s blood pressure or blood sugar is too high or too low. Econet also has Ruzivo, a smart learning platform for primary and secondary school students, which will offer the students online interactive content to help them with their school work while also encouraging them to use technology to the maximum. The platform will carry study materials, tests and exercises and will allow teachers and parents to monitor the student’s performance.


Econet is also offering security packages for cars and home called ConnectedCar and ConnectedHome respectively. The ConnectedCar package comes with several features including real time vehicle tracking, accidents and events alert, route management and geo fencing. The vehicle tracking and fleet management program will ensure better management of vehicles especially for those in the transport and logistics business. ConnectedHome is designed to help “secure, monitor and control your home from anywhere”, according to the Econet flyer.
The basic package comes with a control panel, indoor motion detector,door or window guard and a strobe siren. Additional features include, but are not limited to, smoke detectors and rapid response.

They have also started an online classified ads site called Ownai. Ownai is a buyer meets seller site much like Gumtree in South Africa. Registration for the site is free and one can easily post their ad to sell.

Other Econet affiliated exhibitors were at the expo such as Samsung Mobile who had their latest smartphones on display. Among the Samsung phones on display was the sEdge, S7 Edge, and the A5. According to the Samsung employees at the stall, the phones are available on lay-bye to Econet customers who have to pay 40% of the total value and pay the balance over two months. To those with Steward Bank accounts, the phones are available on credit with payment plans of 6/12 months available depending on the agreement with the bank. Huawei not to be left behind was present with own set of products. Phones of note included the P9 and P9 lite. Huawei is also offering lay bye options to its customers which also require 40% of the price tag upfront and the rest in two month-instalments.

Samsung Phones On Display At The Econet Expo
Samsung Phones On Display At The Econet Expo



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