Is Makomo Resources, Zimbabwe’s Biggest Coal Producer?

Makomo Resources is a coal mining company situated in the Bulawayo mining district. The mine’s mineral resources are located at Entuba Colliery which is 17 kilometres from the town of Hwange. Makomo Resources has become Zimbabwe’s largest coal producer by volume. According to the Herald Zimbabwe, Makomo has recently acquired a deal to export coal to Europe which will make the mine the first Southern African coal producer to do so. Makomo is estimated to be producing 160,000 tonnes of coal a month which they largely supply to local thermal power stations, Zambian breweries and some companies in ¬†Malawi. The initial order being exported to Europe is expected to be in the region of 15,000 tonnes.

ZPC Generation Stats
ZPC Generation Stats

Zimbabwe has a power generation capacity of 2100 MW but is only producing 743 MW according to the ZPC website. The deficit is covered by imports from other power generating companies in the region. Munyati and Harare power stations are currently not generating any electricity. With Makomo producing coal at the same rate they are now, experts have predicted that the mine has a life span of just over two decades. The mine has been functional for six years to date. Makomo is also expected to start construction of a 600 MW plant in early 2017, with the project estimated to be worth just over $1 billion.


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