3 Things Most Entrepreneurs Learn The Hard Way

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Tonderai Mandaza

Fire Quickly

If someone on your team is not working out, part ways immediately .If they are not a fit on your culture and values do it now. In our company we always hire for attitude, values and culture fit, and we train for skill. If you don’t you may tear the team apart and lose some of your best people in turn.

When we hire someone, we tell them up front that it’s for a three-month trial period. At two months, we have a check-in and assess the relationship from both sides. This gives them a month to improve or keep on keeping on. If major issues remain unresolved by the end of three months, we part ways. When your other team members are a perfect fit, they can also contribute immensely in the hiring process. They will quickly know whether a person is a fit for the team or not.

Get paid up front 

This is a big one, and a potential killer too. Don’t start working until you get paid up front. Seriously, stop. Do something else until you get the money.

It may feel unfriendly, but there’s no faster way for a company to fold than to carry the debt of your clients’ unpaid bills. We ask our clients to pay in advance or at least a down payment to cover our costs up front. For some of the clients who are difficult to work with we can even fire them too.

 Avoid cheap clients

For some reason, the clients who demand discounts will never be happy with your work and they’re hardly worth your time and aggravation. Especially those that demand unrealistic demands before even you have worked with them, run for your life and shut your door. If they perceive that you are not confident with your own value and you lower your fees, in return you will lose respect and your integrity.

Tonderai Mandaza

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