4 Easy Ways to Help Women Succeed in Business

4 Easy Ways to Help Women Succeed in Business

Women in Business have gained so much attention and it has ignited action. There is yet much we can do to really impact women in their business careers. Here are ways that can support women to break ceilings throughout their business lives.

Amplify women whose voices are unheard

Many women do not have a voice in the corporate world; people often ignore their suggestions and ideas. It is important to help such to elevate their voices for recognition. Many women voices remain unheard, only for other colleagues (either man or fellow women) takes credit. Actively some women partake in suppressing other women; they claim ideas of others and gain recognition. We should use ‘amplification’ as a strategy to support each other.

Reach out to pull a woman up the ladder

Rather than looking out for your own career, take time to find other women who are climbing up and reach to help. Advocate for promotions or mentor their careers though their business decisions. You can start small by a start-up women mentor-ship group or even find an individual to mentor. If you have a senior role, you can advocate talented women by giving constructive feedback that will guide them at the key times in career paths.

Share you network and expand their reach

The longer you have been in business, the more contacts and connections you have. One way to help other women, open up your network to them, share contacts and make introductions. Posting or advertising via word of mouth, media or any means can go a long way in terms of expanding their reach. Whether you connecting women to other customers, it takes little effort to help but it makes a huge difference.

Share experience and resources

An insight of our experience and lesson learned through years hard work is important to other women. It drives the decisions that move business experience forward and might be a valuable asset to women as business leader. This small gesture can be a deal for someone. Share your resources (experience), that experience may prove invaluable but to other women might be a breakthrough.

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