Have A Purpose, Not Just A Job

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Any job, no matter how ordinary, can have a purpose or a mission behind the job description. Pavla quotes, “It is rare for us to realize our full potential without some external event pushing us outside of our comfort zones where we get to learn how strong we really are.” Here are pointers that will be a revelation for you

Stop being polite and tell the truth

Your politeness is a waste of time for you and the people around you. Say a clear “yes” if you really mean it and then do as you said. Otherwise, realize that if you give a clear, yet diplomatic answer you let them know where they stand.

Big results come from lots of small decisions

Life and business works the same way. Successful businesses, successful relationships, fat bank accounts, healthy bodies – they all come because of a small but daily commitment to do what needs to be done.

Focus on the green and ignore the sand trap

There is a difference between the few people who would be able to walk the thin line from one end to the other safely, and the many who would worry so much about the void that they would fall into it. It is not the ability to walk the thin line, since most of us can accomplish the task when there is no pressure. The difference is the ability to focus in the right place.

Give feedback but do not kill dreams

Does this mean you have to sugar coat everything? Not at all. The truth works just fine. Make it obvious, though, that your opinion is just that. Make sure that the other person knows you care and want to help. Do not make vague “do better or else” statements which instill fear and confusion. Whenever possible, give specific ways to improve. Then make sure to acknowledge progress as it happens!

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