The Art Of Hustling 101 – Dr Shingi Munyeza

Credit: Bulawayo 24 News

Dr Shingi Munyeza was given a platform to speak on the art of hustling during the Mandela Washington Fellowship  Harness The Hustle Expo 2017 , held at the Meikles Hotel in Harare. The following are some of the things that he discussed during his presentation.

1.”The art of hustling starts by doing what big businesses do.”

When you want to become a great entrepreneur you should think and act like a great entrepreneur. This implies that you should learn how big businesses act and know their principles. One of the problems in Zimbabwe is that most of the businesses do not grow. Entrepreneurs do not have a set values and principles for their businesses resulting in them not being consistent.

2.”The best entrepreneurs do not have  degrees.”

Entrepreneurship is not about the how educated you are but your mindset.This means that one one does not need formal education  to become an entrepreneur. Internationally, Bill Gates dropped out of college but currently he is one of the richest people in the world, so is Mark Zuckerberg. Closer to home, Knight Ganje,  one of the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30  did not finish his ordinary level but dropped out of school when he was just a Form One  student. 

3. “People believe in you before they believe in the product.”

Make sure people trust you before they trust in your product. You should be able to brand yourself properly because people believe in you first and then in your product. A good personal image reflects a good product.

According to his website, Shingi Munyeza is a business man who became the Chief Executive Officer of African Sun Limited, a hospitality company in sub Saharan Africa and Africa general in 2008.

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