Tomorrow Will Be War: Gonorenda

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Chomunorwa ‘Sting’ Gonorenda has promised war upon his opponent Kamija Ramadan of Tanzania in a boxing match to be held in Harare tomorrow. The boxers shall be fighting for a cruiserweight belt in a match which is being sponsored by Kwese Tv and the South African Kalakoda Promotions.

Gonorenda said that he could not afford to see the belt leave Zimbabwe to another country.

“Tomorrow will be war… I cannot afford leave this chance, to leave the belt go out of Zimbabwe. So tomorrow will be war” said Gonorenda.

The cruiserweight belt is among the boxing matches that will Friday Fight Nights series to be held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel.

The biggest of the matches during the Fight Nights series will be the World Boxing Federation African heavyweight title between Elvis Moyo and Bernard Adi of Kenya.

Moyo showed some confidence of winning as he begged his opponent not to run away during the match.

“Usually people run away from me… Please give me a chance to fight” said Moyo to Adi during a press conference ahead of the match.

Moyo is also known as “Bulawayo Bomber” knocked out Nigeria’s Akeem Tijani in the first edition of the Friday Fight Nights in Namibia last month thereby becoming famous in the ring.

Tomorrow’s matches which will have more than 3 matches, will be the second edition of the Friday Fight Nights series after the first was held in Namibia.

Meanwhile, George Otieno of Malawi who was supposed to face Felix Venganai of Zimbabwe in the light weight will not be participating after failing his weight tests. The Malawian was 10 kilograms over.

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