Kateera Complains About Zimbabwean Pricing

The current Permanent Secretary of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Dr Judith Kateera complained about prices in Zimbabwe during the National Investment Policy and Special Economic Zones workshop in Harare yesterday.

Kateera who was responding to questions being given at the stakeholder workshop rhetorically asked what was wrong with the pricing in the country.

“When we had the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) delegates would go and eat in Zambia and come back, some delegates would go and sleep in Zambia” said Kateera.

A participant during the meeting had earlier on said that the prices of fuel in Zambia were lower than those in the country despite the fact that Zambian trucks cross through Zimbabwe to get fuel in the same South African market.

Pricing has always been an issue as captains of industries have in the past complained about high charges.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) Chief Executive Officer Chris Mugaga last month said that prices in the country have always been high.

An economist who was quoted by the Newsday Daniel Ndlela said, “Our pricing has been too high since 2003 and it is not healthy in the field of competitiveness in trade”.


Kateera assured the stakeholders that the ministry not a talk show as audiences questioned the implementation of what is going to come out of the workshop.

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