Dim Christmas As Prices Continue Going Up in Zimbabwe

Image: The Insider

Zimbabwe is heading for a dim Christmas as basic goods prices are continuously going up in the country’s retail outlets.

Speaking after a stakeholder meeting on bread price Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Executive Director  Rosemary Siyachitema said that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is going to make a follow up to look at the prices.

“It’s not an easy thing because other stakeholders are involved, where people are getting their foreign currency, how much they give weight to the US Dollar because it seems to have lost its worth in Zimbabwe at the moment and even where there is one dollar its a stretch'”said Siyachitema.

Foreign currency has become a problem in Zimbabwe as citizens access the forex on the black market from street money vendors popularly known as ‘change money’.

Siyachitema also spoke of the urgent need for the Consumer Protection Act as the going up of prices hurt the buyers.

“There is need to put that Consumer Protection Act so that consumers also have recourse on what is happening at the market. At the moment all we can do is see what is happening and report it to the ministry. It seems nothing is happening at the moment,” said the CCZ Executive Director.

Siyachitema said that the Consumer Protection Act will cover a whole section looking on prices and also telephone charges.

The Consumer Protection is still a bill being drafted into the act with the aim of promoting a fair, efficient and transparent marketplace for consumers and business and also to promote consumer rights to basic needs.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged wholesalers and retailers to refrain from profiteering and charging unscrupulous charges as Zimbabwe heads for the Christmas holiday.In September this year, Zimbabwe had a sudden price hike which the government blamed on social media.

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