Outgoing US Ambassador Promises More Investment

US Embassy Receives More Contacts As Investors
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The American investors are excited about Zimbabwe the outgoing United States Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr revealed. Ambassador Thomas, who was giving a farewell as he retires after 34 years in the American Foreign Service, said that Americans who constitute the largest number tours to Zimbabwe were excited about the African country after the new dispensation.

“So despite the path, there were always a huge number of Americans coming but what we are seeing now are US investors, business persons who want to learn about Zimbabwe, who are calling us everyday, we are now busier than we were working everyday especially on our economic officers so that has been a major change,” Amb Thomas said.

The President of Zimbabwe Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa said that the country has been isolated for a long time and is now open for business to allow investors.

Ambassador Harry said that Zimbabwe has an opportunity to grow if given an opportunity.

The ambassador also said that Zimbabwe is a unique country with people who priorities education and many in US top universities.

“There is no excuse for this country (Zimbabwe) not to be very very wealthy in terms of economics for the way it is in terms of human capital,” he said.

Zimbabwe is well known across the African continent for having the highest literacy rate although the nation is meeting economic hardship with a high unemployment rate.

Ambassador Harry, who ends his foreign Service after having two tours in Zimbabwe said that he will miss the 300 days of sunshine he enjoyed in the country

“Well remember this, Americans are the largest tourist group to Zimbabwe by far. Nearly 50 thousand go to Victoria Falls each year,” the Ambassador noted.

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