Zimbabwean Chief Campaigns to Create Jobs for Africa


A Zimbabwean Chief Campaigns To Create Jobs For Africa
Image Credit: Newsday

A Zimbabwean chief, Fortune Zephania Charumbira will bring into being jobs to Africa if he assumes the Pan African Parliament’s (PAP) presidential post, a Namibian politician has said to ambassadors, who had come to be introduced to the Southern Region Candidate in Harare.
The leader of Charumbira’s campaign, McHenry Venaani, who was introducing the chief in the presence of Zimbabwe’s First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, said that Charumbira will maintain a unified process of bringing Africa together by promoting the Intra-Africa trade and the free movement of goods and services on the continent.

The Namibian Venaani also said that Zimbabwe's president of the Chief's Council will narrow the divide in Africa.

“We are bringing in a candidate that will support the voice of the parliamentarians to promote agricultural modernisation and to create the needed jobs that are on the African horizon for the youths hoods of Africa that are crossing the Mediterranean sea to find jobs in other countries,”  Venaani said.

Venaani, who is the president of Popular Democratic Movement in Namibia also believes that supporting the Zimbabwean president of Chief’s Council in assuming PAP’s top position will help rebuild Zimbabwe.

“… Zimbabwe is a country that is re-engineering itself into prosperity, and this means you can help them build the country to be able to promote its own foreign policy,” said Venaani.

“So therefore we are at pinnacle state in our lives where we are promoting a candidate of a country that is rebuilding itself.”

“We want Zimbabwe to rebuild itself, we want Africa to flourish and we edge you to do that,” the politician went on.

The Namibian Venaani also said that Zimbabwe’s president of the Chief’s Council will narrow the divide in Africa.

“Africa is divided through languages and the Francophony have a system on their own, the Anglophony, the Arabic and the Lusophony” the Namibian politician said.

“We are presenting candidate that will bridge those divides and is a person who can deal with the whole Africa as one unified and that is a person that Charumbira is.”

African countries have borrowed colonial systems into use resulting in the creation of different ways of doing things.

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa pleaded with the ambassadors to encourage the African countries to vote for Charumbira during the PAP conference which is taking place in Midrand South Africa from 7-9 May 2018.

Charumbira, who has worked with the World Bank and served in the PAP holding different positions since 2004, comes at an apropos time as in recent years many Africans have been caught crossing the Mediterranean sea into Europe in search of greener pastures. Some have been turned into slaves in war-torn Libya.

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