Minister Calls for Investment in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Minister Calls for Investment In The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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Minister of Foreign Affairs Retired General Sibusiso Moyo called upon investors for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is currently taking place around the world during a lecture on Zimbabwe’s International Re-engagement at Chatham House in the United Kingdom on Monday night.
The Foreign Affairs Minister is currently in Europe in a bid to re-engage Zimbabwe with the European Union and the Common Wealth.
“Zimbabwe should never again be left behind or even become a casualty of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Moyo said.
“The digital revolution has shrunk the distance between our countries and therefore a lot easier for us to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges. Therefore let us corporate”
Critics say that Zimbabwe is not ready for the fourth industrial revolution due to the infrastructure in the country.
Taurai Chinyamakobvu, a technological enthusiast is on record stating that the Fourth Industrial Revolution cannot go well without infrastructure such as electricity, which has not been adequate in recent years in the country.

Critics say that Zimbabwe is not reday for the fourth industrial revolution due to the infrastructure in the country.

“It’s very difficult to talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution without adequate infrastructure especially electricity so we have to lobby the government,” Chinyamakobvu said.

Africa as a whole continent seems to be lagging behind in terms of the fourth industrial revolution due to infrastructural challenges.

Zimbabwe is currently looking for investors to help create jobs and build the economy that has been ailing for the past five years.

Besides the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Moyo also mentioned other sectors with investment opportunities which include tourism, agriculture, mining, construction as well as infrastructure development.

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