Chief Charumbira Loses PAP Elections Despite Job Promises to Africa

Chief Charumbira Loses PAP Elections Despite Job Promises to Africa
Image Credit: Bulawayo 24

The Zimbabwean chief lost to a Cameroonian National Assembly member Roger Nkodo Dang the Pan African Parliament presidential elections held last week in South Africa despite promising jobs for Africa during the campaigning period.

Chief Fortune Charumbira got 47 votes while Nkodo Dang got 132 and Mustafa El-Gendy got 43.

“The parliamentarians from across the continent present here today castedtheir votes freely  and this is a signal that we are in the correct path towards embracing democratic processes of running our elections,” Charumbira is quoted as saying after the defeat.

Dang said,”We need to work forward as a team. There are a lot of things that we are still learning and implementing. If we are are given support by PAP parlimentarians, we will achieve them.”

Charumbira had promised to create jobs for African youth who are migrating to Europe in search of opportunities if to win the PAP presidential post.

McHenry Venaani, leader of Charumbira’s campaign had said that the chief would unite Africa by improving Intra-Africa trade and free movement of goods.

“We are bringing in a candidate that will support the voice of the parliamentarians to promote agricultural modernisation and to create the needed jobs that are on the African horizon for the youths hoods of Africa that are crossing the Mediterranean sea to find jobs in other countries,” Venaani said.

African people are being captured trying to cross the Mediterranean sea into Europe as the Africa witnesses high unemployment.

PAP’s presidential elections took place during the Sixth Ordinary Session of the fourth Parliment Midrand which runs from 7 to 18 May 2018 in Midrand South Africa.

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa announced the election results which witnessed Dang returning the presidential sit.

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