Commonwealth Delegation Comes to Zimbabwe

Commonwealth Delegation Comes to Zimbabwe
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A seven member delegation from the Commonwealth is in the country to assess Zimbabwe’s suitability to be re admitted to the club, which the country left in 2003.

The delegation which is led by the head of Africa, Governance and Peace Directorate at the Commonwealth Secretariat Yvonne Apea Mensah has already met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Retired General Sibusiso Moyo in Harare today.

Other members of the team include the Political adviser Africa, Governance and Peace Directorate, Linford Andrews; Political Advisor Electoral Support, Governance and Peace Directorate, Cara Cole and also archivist records officer Hilary McEwan.

Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth under suspension following the land reform program that was taking place in the country.

The visit by the Commonwealth team marks the start of the four-step process to allow the re admission of Zimbabwe.

Mensah’s team is expected to write a report to the Commonwealth secretary general Patricia Scotland after the assessment mission.

The secretary general will assess the report to consider if the country may rejoin and if it qualifies the country then goes to step two where Commonwealth member countries give an input on whether to re admit Zimbabwe.

The final decision for the readmission will be in 2020 Rwanda where Commonwealth countries will make final dcision if Zimbabwe is to progress from step two.

Zimbabwe’s President applied to rejoin the Commonwealth to the secretary general in a letter dated 15 May.

The Commonwealth is an opportunity for Zimbabwean companies to open new markets.

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