OPC Heads National Branding

OPC Heads National Branding

The Office of the President and Cabinet is heading the national brand strategy, which was started off in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality, in a bid to inform the world that Zimbabwe is open for business to focus on destination marketing in Zimbabwe.

Speaking on the national branding Tourism and Hospitality Minister Prisca Mupfumira national Branding is under the OPC for coordination.

“National branding is collective,” Mupfumira said “It’s not one Ministry to do that, all of us contribute.”

“This is why national branding is now under the auspice of office of President and Cabinet because it coordonates all Ministries…”

Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality started the national branding as a way of destination marketing in Zimbabwe.

The branding exercise, was also to target the tourism sector, exports, immigration and investment, arts, culture and heritage, governance and people

“… what we are doing at the moment is re-branding the country,” Mupfumira said. “and tourism as we are re-engaging and engaging we are helping enforce that branding of Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe is currently moving under the mantra “open for business” as the nation try to lure foreign direct investment.

Ministry of Tourism is also using the  Football World Cup to Market Zimbabwe to the world.

The Ministry yesterday arranged a match between warriors and world class soccer legends as a way of marketing the country.

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