Engineers Design Underground Bins for Zimbabwe

Engineers Design Underground Bins for Zimbabwe
Engineer Farai Mupini opening an underground bin

When you talk of bins these day, what comes to mind is the Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa officially opening the gabbage holders in Mutoko. This sounds funny, in fact social media users have been making funny of the Minister posing for photographs whilist officially opening bins with a big smile on the face.

An engineer looks into an opened underground bin

But, what people forget is the importance of bins in Zimbabwe especially in the Central Business Areas (CBDs) where a economic activity attract large groups of people who carry with them garbage. Bins are very important and they help keep the CBDs clean by holding the garbage that would have been thrown down and left to pollute the environment humans live in. All in all, bins are part of waste management and a proper waste disposal that help mantain the environment clean.


In recognising the importance of bins in waste management, a company Probin partnered with the City of Harare and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and installed underground bins along 4th street in the CBD. Probin engineer, who has been working on the project said that the underground bins, which are built on a 2,2 metres capacity underground, have been designed to create a bit of capacity. The engineer said they have got a long during than the traditional bins which is necessary as the Harare council struggles on garbage collection and also advertising space.

Engineer Mupini and assistant working on an opened underground bin
Engineers opening underground bin

EMA in a statement said that installing underground bins is a great initiative as the bins are smart.

“Its designed in such a way that rain water won’t enter hence waste will not rot during the rainy season,” EMA says “Also , it has a bigger carrying capacity that the half drums normally used as waste receptacles.”

Unlike the traditional bins, underground bins do not expose waste according to Mupini. Traditional bins are wide open and waste is always exposed to weather including rain and wind. Underground bins are not exposed to wind or rain. Wind carries waste away and rain makes the waste rot.
The engineer said that Probin will be also installing underground bins on 2nd Street in Harare.

Rubbish in an opened underground bin
An opened underground bin

EMA says that if installed in wildlife infested areas such as Victoria Falls, Kariba and Hwange, the animals won’t be able to access litter from the underground bin.

“We are urging local authorities to take up this initiative especially in areas where wildlife scavenges for food in litter bins,” EMA says.

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