Mimosa Responds to Scam Jobs on Social Media

Zimbabwe's platinum extractors, Mimosa Mining Company has warned on the on-going job and training offer scams that are surfacing on the internet.
Image Credit: Asurea

Zimbabwe’s platinum extractor, Mimosa mining company has warned on the on-going job and training offer scams that are surfacing on the internet.

Job scammers have been sprouting in Zimbabwe using various methods of stealing money for unaware citizens in the country believed to have an unemployment rate of above 70%

“Mimosa mining company would like to refute false adverts and messages on various social media platforms that claim the mining company is seeking to employ for a four year apprenticeship programme,” the platinum extraction firm says.

“Mimosa would like to apologise sincerely to all those that may have been inconvinienced by these false adverts.”

Mimosa goes on to urge the public to be vigilant to offers on social media as they do not originate from Mimosa or any of the company’s agencies.

“We further strongly recommend that any individuals that may have been scammed or affected to take up their cases with Zimbabwe Republic Police,” says Mimosa.

“We also encourage those that are responsible for these fake adverts to be mindful of their negative effects as they convey news that have an impact on other people’s lives and can also potentially damage the reputation of the mining company.”

Zimbabwe’s job scammers have been reported on local media since 2013 with some finding themselves enslaved in foreign nations after an employment deception.

Besides in job searches, scammers have also robbed unaware citizens through mobile money transfers according to local media in Zimbabwe.

An expert, Admire Zaemba told a local newspaper that scams rate in Zimbabwe is now alarming.

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