African Governments Advised to Improve Education for Industrial Demand

African Governments Advised to Improve Education for Industrial Demand
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Southern African governments should ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to building human capital through education the launched Africa’s Development Dynamics report says.

African Union (AU) launched the first ever Development Dynamics report that analyses the continent’s development  policies last week.

“Education must be transformed to not only increase enrolment but also improve quality so that the imparted skills match those demanded by industry,” the report says.

“The region (Southern Africa) should make efforts to close its skills gap, for instance by establishing centres of excellence to generate important technical skills that Africa is currently importing.”

The Africa’s Development Dynamics report further says that developing an effective vocational system will help address skills shortages and redirect the youth back into training.

“The technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector can be further strengthened in terms of qualifications and training of staff, resources and curriculum content to make it more viable and attractive to students and businesses” the report quotes publishers.

“Generalising apprenticeships and internships as part of the education curriculum in TVET colleges and universities may favour youth entry into the labour market.”

Technical and vocational programs accounted for 6 percent according to 2012 statistics which is a drop from 7 percent in 1999.

Zimbabwe, which is well known for its education in Southern Africa has 43 vocational training centres according to a local newspaper.

The country’s Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Amon Murwira blamed Zimbabwe’s academic approach for economic challenges in the Southern African nation.

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