You Won’t Believe how Little Road Rehabilitation Takes up in the Zim 2018 Budget

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Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme consumed US$18.7 million representing 8.3% of the 2018 budget according to the First Quarter Update on the implementation of priority infrastructure projects.

The Programme involves long term interventions such as graveling, resealing, road reconstruction, bridge construction as well as upgrading of some sections of the network.

“Of this amount (US $18.7 million), US $12.1 million is from the fiscus while the balance of US $6.6 million is from ZINARA (Zimbabwe National Road Administration) targeting graveling, reconstruction and routine maintenance of roads” says the Update.

“The Programme has so far managed to grade 9 830 km and reseal/reconstruct 171 km throughout the country.”

The Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme includes routes in the City of Harare roads.

“Focus is also on addressing the infrastructure bottlenecks at Mbudzi roundabout (US$ 559 000), resurfacing and upgrading of Mbare Musika (US$600 000) among others.”

“With regards to the 2018 budget for road equipment of US$28 million, all Road authorities have since submitted the breakdown of equipment which is still being validated by ZINARA. “

Other projects include Harare – Gweru and Harare – Mutare Road Dualisation, Bindura – Shamva Road and Hwedza – Sadza Road construction.

Besides the US$18.7 million for the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programmes, the treasury of Zimbabwe released over US$ 100 million and ZINARA US$54 million for road constructions.

The released funds have resulted in the construction or resealing of 504 km of surfaced roads with 1 100 km of surfaced roads being premix pothole patched between January and June this year.

The country has also witnessed 18 600 km of rural gravel roads graded, 914 km gravel roads re-gravelled and 40 bridges being repaired between January and June 2018.

Motorists have in the past complained on the state of roads in Zimbabwe with some blaming potholes for vehicle accidents.

Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme was launched by the former President Robert Mugabe and as at mid-June 2017 US$45.6 million was being disbursed according to ZINARA.

“The Emergency Road Rehabilitation works are divided into two (2) phases, though initially there were three (3) phases. Phases 2 and Phase 3 were merged into one phase,” ZINARA says on its website.

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