More Water Problems For Harare

More Water Problems For Harare
Image Credit: Bulawayo24

Out going Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni has predicted more water problems for Harare despite a change that is to occur in the capital’s council.

The Mayor last week told journalists that the poorer raw water that Harare is likely to experience in the next coming months have nothing to do with the next successor of the top council post.

“Our raw quality water is weakest towards the rain season,” Manyenyeni said. So as we speak I don’t want you to take the next man into task.”

“Between now and December we may have poorer raw quality water which has nothing to do with the next council.”

The Harare Mayor went on to say the capital city water sources improve from rains and wash downs.

“We benefit from the rains and wash downs so the quality of water from our sources improves from the rains,” Manyenyeni said.

“Until we have got new water sources which present better raw quality water, this problem is part of us.”

“Residents and factories pollute our water catchment areas into Lake Manyame out of which we draw our raw quality water,” Manyenyeni went on.

The Mayor said that the water solutions are not a one day resolute but take years to complete.

“The next mayor may not be even in time to do a holistic water solution for the city,” The outgoing Mayor said.

“We may be 10 years away from a much more comprehensive water solution for the city.”

Although raw water is a persisting problem, the City of Harare this year, in February, received a $36 million donor facility manged by the African Development Bank (AfDB) towards state of the art water distribution equipment.

The capital city also received $8 million under Aim-Fund for the water and sanitation upgrade projects in January.

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