Tourism Minister Urges Operators To Take Advantage of Government Incentives

Tourism Minister Urges Operators To Take Advantage of Government Incentives
Cresta Oasis Hotel Entrance

Tourism Minister Prisca Mupfumira has urged hotel operators to take advantage of various government incentives to support refurbishment and expansion programmes during an announcement in Harare today.

Cresta Hotels was announcing the refurbishment programme of the Cresta Oasis and Apartments.

“The Ministry through RBZ set up a Tourism Revolutionary Fund of $15 million so that players can access funding on a business case basis and be able to revamp their properties and this is another window of support from Government,” Mupfumira said.

“All funds to be loaned under the facility will be done under a business case basis, to deserving clients who will demonstrate ability to repay all loans that will be disbursed.”

During the announcement, Country Director, Zimbabwe of Cresta Hotel Chipo Mandela said a major refurbishment programme will transform the Cresta Oasis into what will be the most exciting venue in its specialised market field.

“It (Cresta Oasis) will be the natural home for conferences, long-stay guests, short-stayers primarily from around Zimbabwe and across the Southern African region, and from within the city looking to be hosted and entertained in a stylish and modern manner,” Mandela said.

“Work will involve all apartments and bedrooms, all public areas, all conference rooms, the creation of a new conference room on the site of our existing public bar and the creation of an exciting new bar and entertainment centre in the old nightclub on the eastern side of the hotel.”

“In all the bedrooms and apartments, bathrooms are being upgraded, an important factor given that almost 60 per cent of decision-making related to choosing accommodation is based on perceptions of the bathrooms,” Mandela goes on.

The Tourism and Hospitality Minister, during the announcement, said the refurbishment undertaken at  Cresta Oasis of $1,5 million has a direct bearing on the overall picture of Zimbabwe as a destination of choice with various competitive accommodation facilities.

“This refurbishment will further position Cresta Hotels as the preferred accommodation host for visitors to Zimbabwe and increase the group’s business within the region,” Mupfumira said. “In the past hotels have had challenges in meeting the 10-year mandatory requirement for hotels to refurbish and retool their establishments, but you have proved otherwise of late by undertaking major renovations here at Cresta Oasis, Cresta Lodge, Cresta Churchhill in Bulawayo and Cresta Sprayview in Victoria Falls.”

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