ZACC To Monitor Cash Movement in Retail Outlets

ZACC To Monitor Cash Movement in Retail
ZACC Commissioner Goodson Nguni Image Credit: Nehanda Radio

Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission (ZACC) has said it will be investigating retail outlets to make sure cash received is deposited in banks.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare today, ZACC Commissioner Goodson Nguni said that retail outlets are receiving thousands of millions of cash from the people and yet not banking.

“We are not¬†going to take it anymore,” Nguni said. “We are monitoring, working with our partners the police, we are going to ask the police to assist us in this project to make sure that everybody who receives cash must go and bank the money in the bank so that money can circulate.”

“Now we have information that some companies are keeping this cash and then the managers transfer the money from their personal accounts and they take the cash from the cashiers.”

The ZACC Commissioner said that the commission is in the process of setting up a special investigative team.

ZACC’s team will recruit, from outside the commission, lawyers, economists, and auditors.

“What this special investigative team is going to do, we are going to look at major issues where people have been sabotaging the economy of the country,” Nguni said.

Besides not banking the cash, ZACC will also be investigating on the paying of taxes as well as the movement of cash in food outlets.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is also investigating the Ministry of Finance during the Government of National Unity for the money that came from the Afrexim Bank and also $30 million from NSSA.

Investigations come after Finance Minister in the GNU Tendai Biti’s clash with the government over election disputes.

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